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Cash Register Rolls

Cash Register Rolls

Brand :TTJ

Product origin :Shenyang, China

Delivery time :7 days

Supply capacity :100000rolls/day

Cash register rolls refer to the paper rolls used in the cash register to record the details of cashier's account. It is mainly used to provide customers with the detailed list of shopping, which can be replaced after use.
There are three kinds of cash register paper: direct thermal paper, bond paper and carbonless paper.

Product Features

a.Direct thermal cash register paper rolls

● Single layer, the cash register paper is made of wood pulp without portable fluorescent

   brightener. The printing is clear and the color rendering is good.

 Thick pure wood pulp with double coating paper, waterproof, anti - oil, friction-resistant.

● Thermal sensitive coating, not easy to stick to the printing head, so it can prolong the service 

   life of the printer.

● The paper surface is bright and white, the section is smooth, the paper roll is of moderate 

   tightness, and the machine runs smoothly without jam.

● Tin foil packaging, waterproof, moisture-proof and scratch-proof, to provide good protection

   for cash register paper.

● The common specifications are 57x50, 57x60, 57x80, 75x50, 75x60, 75x80, 80x50, 80x60, 

   80x80 and 80x140 etc.

b.Bond paper 

 Single layer, the paper is made of pure wood pulp, easy to keep, clear to print and less scrap.

● The common specifications are 44x40, 57x60, 70x60, 75x60, 75x80, 76x80, 82x80 etc.

c.Carbonless paper 

● At least two layers, high-quality pulp, health and environmental protection, clear color.

● The common specifications are 57x40 double-layer, 57x60 double-layer, 75x60 double-layer,

   75x60 three layers, 241x100 double-layer, 241x100 three layers, etc.

Compatible Printers

 Derict thermal -For cash registers, ATM machines and gas stations. No ribbon required.

● Bond-Recommended for kitchen printers, calculators and adding machines. Ribbon required.

● Carbonless-Ideal for credit card machines and impact printers to create two receipts

   at one time.


The cash register labels are widly used in supermar ket POS terminals, hotel catering, banking,

telecommunications, medical and other fields.

cash register paper application.jpg

Packaging and Shipping

● Minimum order quantity is one roll.

● The cash register labels will be delivered within a week.

● Express can choose to air, sea, direct mail Home.

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